Following achievement of maximal volume reduction with Phase I Complete Decongestive Therapy, patients should be fit with a compression garment.  Two garments at a time for each affected body part: one to wear and one to wash and dry is ideal.  Having two garments ensures that the patient does not wear an aseptic or damp garment that will promote infection.  Garments may be compression sleeves, stockings, bras, compression shorts, or face/ neck compression wear, etc.  The type of garment depends upon the body part with lymphedema.  Properly-fitted garments are essential for long-term control of lymphedema.  For example a post-surgical Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Patient who presents with arm swelling may need a compression sleeve to manage their arm edema.  (Position Statement of the National Lymphedema Network  TOPIC: The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Lymphedema 2011).  Find out more about Compression Garments here.