Lymphedema Awareness Month And Lymphedema D-Day

As of 2013, March is now known as Lymphedema Awareness Month.  We are kicking off the month with a Blog post to raise awareness of the condition.  On March 6th, The Lymphedema Awareness Community celebrates Lymphedema D-Day.  This is the community's way of promoting awareness and change.  This is also a way to promote better coverage for the condition through awareness and honor the patients who endure struggles with this condition.  The National Lymphedema Network's (NLN) first D-Day was in 1994.

The NLN promotes Screening for Early Detection of Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema for better outcomes.  In studies it has been shown that 32% of Breast Cancer Surgical Patients endure Persistent Swelling.  A study in 2012 showed that Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) essentially prevents this swelling when implemented after surgery.  Wyatt Rehab Screens Breast Cancer Patients through Bioimpedance prior to surgery to establish a baseline so that post-operative swelling can be brought under control expeditiously through Manual Lymph Drainage as prescribed by your surgeon.  Please read more about Wyatt's Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Program.

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