Exercise and Yoga for Breast Cancer Survivors

A 2013 retrospective meta-analysis in the Journal of Physiotherapy reviewed 34 studies to determine effectiveness of exercise programs in patients who had undergone treatment for Cancer.  The results suggest tatistically significant benefits in body weight, peak oxygen consumption, strength, physical function, and quality of life for those patients involved in exercise after treatment.  65% of the individuals reviewed possessed Breast Cancer.  

In 2013 The Department of Clinical Psychology at VU University Amsterdam performed focus groups to determine the effects of Yoga on Cancer patients.  29 Cancer Patients participated and 72 % were Breast Cancer Patients.  Their mean age was 53.  The results suggested physical and psychosocial benefits including:  mental strength and resilience, increased physical fitness and function, relaxation, and happiness.  These results exactly match a much larger 2012 study of 742 participants in BMC Cancer.  These results support Breast Cancer Rehabilitation programs and Yoga for Breast Cancer survivors.

Furthermore, The International Journal of Yoga in January 2013 showed results from the Division of Yoga Life Sciences at SVYASA, a Yoga University in India.  Approximately 30 individuals were tested for DNA damage through an electrophoresis assay.  There were three groups tested:  Yoga Practitioners, Breast Cancer Patients, and a Control Group of Non-Yoga Practitioners.  500 cells were assessed for DNA damage.  The results showed significantly lower DNA damage in yoga practitioners.

Exercise and Yoga for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation